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Jan 3, 2013 5:00am PST
energy out of this system so we just have a few high clouds in the passes to the north and west. the front falls apart during the afternoon hours as it runs into the area high pressure. rain is in the north around eureka and crescent city. on saturday night, when the sun sets, the bride is -- grid is not so fine but i wanted to show you saturday night and sunday rains are coming back. snow is back to the sierras. the temperatures will drop into the mid-50's and beyond this storm on tuesday and wednesday next week, we will be full of sunshine and near 60. >> southbound 238, a big rig is on the shoulder leaking a fluid. they are determining what is happening but we are not seeing any slowing significantly beyond this area because of the road sensors. southbound 680, this is not a stall but an accident involving two big rigs and a car. it is partly blocking the right lane. again, we are not seeing significant slowing beyond the scene here. we will look at the 80 commute if you are traveling at university avenue, everything is moving at the limit and a nice steady flow and it is getting
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am PST
through high pressure will take all the energy of the storms to get through, once they do, partly cloudy that's it reinforcing shot of cold air for the next couple of morning, frost, we could get near 60, saturday, sunday. have a great day. >>> 5:19. keeping an eye on your commute this morning, sue is off. mass transit, no delays,m muni is on saturday schedule today. also bart and caltrain and muni all doing extended services to get you through your new year. live shot at 80 in berkeley, a lot of headlights this early on this semi holiday, moving along smoothly, no back-ups, scarcely anyone on the road in san jose this is a live look at highway 87, you won't find any trouble down there. >>> 5:19. they are already ringing in 2013 on the other side of the world. we'll take you to one of the first:├Ěp)t celebrations. >> we'll tell you how the director of the new star trek movie is making a dying fan's dream come true. [ inaudible ] >> 5:22 here but it is already 2013 in certain parts of the world this morning. hello new zealand, residents sounded horns and watched fireworks. pyrotech
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2